Schedule of Dues and Fees

O.T.O. members are charged with the sacred obligation of supporting the Order by payment of annual dues. Additional fees are set to defer the costs of each initiation, and local bodies may also charge their own dues.

Annual dues are sent in their entirety to Grand Lodge for the general operating fund of the Order. Initiation fees remain with the local bodies to meet the costs of each initiation. To meet the need for local funding, bodies may charge a fixed annual amount for local dues as well.

Members are also welcome to make additional tax-deductible contributions if they will. All funds received are applied scrupulously to the non-profit activities of the O.T.O. Any member is welcome to examine the financial statement of the Order upon request.

The following schedule of dues and fees has been in effect within the United States of America since January 1, 2008 e.v.

Degree Annual
Minerval $42.00 $42.00
I $42.00 $42.00
II $84.00 $42.00
III $126.00 $84.00
IV $168.00 $120.00
P.I. * $36.00
K.E.W. * $26.00
V $210.00 $140.00
K.R.E. * $70.00
VI $252.00 $140.00
G.I.C. * $70.00
P.R.S. * $70.00
VII $294.00 $210.00
VIII $336.00 $240.00
IX $378.00 $300.00
* Intermediate degrees do not have
separate dues, but continue the dues
of the previous numbered degree.

Note: if you had a credit on your dues account at the time the new dues schedule was implemented, your credits were adjusted to cover an equivalent amount of time according to the new rates. Contact the GTG if you wish to verify your dues balance.

Dues to the National O.T.O. are paid with each numbered initiation. They cover a period of one year, or until the next numbered initiation, whichever comes first. If your next initiation does not occur within a year, your membership renews automatically at your current degree, and another year's dues become due. At this point, you should send your renewal payment directly to:

U.S. Grand Treasurer General
Ordo Templi Orientis
4110 SE Hawthorne Blvd. #444
Portland, OR 97214-5246

Please make your check or money order payable to "Ordo Templi Orientis".

Dues Proration

If you take your next initiation after you have renewed your annual dues but before the renewal period is up, then your dues are prorated for the number of months before your initiation. To calculate your prorated dues, divide your annual dues by 12, then multiply by the number of months between your anniversary month and the month of your initiation.

NOTE: Dues are not prorated at any time within one year of your last initiation. Proration only applies after you have renewed your annual dues one or more years after your last initiation.

For example, let's say you took your Ist degree in March 1997. In March 1998, your first degree membership renewed and you paid $36.00 for annual dues through March 1999. If you took your IInd degree in July 1998, then you would be entitled to a credit as follows:

Dues from March to July 1998 (4 months) =
$36.00 divided by 12 = $3.00 times 4 = $12.00.

Since you paid $36.00 in March, you would receive $24.00 credit. You may deduct this credit from the dues you pay for your IInd degree initiation. If you did not pay your renewal dues in March, you would have to include $12.00 in back dues with your IInd degree payment.

If in doubt, you can check your dues balance and calculate proration here.

You should always notify your initiator of the date you took your last initiation, so that he or she can include any back dues you owe with the payment for your initiation. If you have an initiation coming up and you are unsure of your dues balance, please use the page mentioned above, or contact the Grand Treasurer General.